Welcome to STAMM Investments Limited

At STAMM Investments Limited, we offer:

• Clean properties
• Superior maintenance programs
• Events, seasonal draws, quarterly newsletters
• Friendly and knowledgeable staff
• Extended onsite office hours (Saturdays and evenings)
• Professional fire safety protocols
• 24 Hour Emergency Line

Conveniently located throughout Waterloo Region with superb access to all the amenities that the Region has to offer, our residential units give you excellent value and include upgrades expected in high quality apartments.
Our Complaints Process
Posted June 2017

At STAMM Investments Limited, we take resident complaints seriously. Each valid written complaint that we receive is investigated thoroughly and the offending party is notified of the complaint. We also confirm with the complainant that the complaint has been addressed. You can learn more here.

2017 Spring Survey Results!
Posted May 2017

Thank you to all residents who completed our 2017 Spring Survey and congratulations to the winners! Click the image below to review the results of this year's survey that asked residents for their opinions on the effectiveness of our office hours, the cleanliness of our buildings, our BBQs, and more. Here are some of the highlights.