Promotions & Upgrade Program

Welcome to the Long-Term Tenant Upgrade Program Webpage. Simply complete the information below, click submit, and we'll take care of the rest. Please note that all fields are required. Forms that are submitted incomplete will not be addressed.

Please note that offers cannot be combined. Requests are approved where and when available and not available at all buildings. Unit upgrades are only approved when the current product is at or near the end of its usefule life expectancy. All requests are subject to approval.

About the Program & Offers Available

1. Occupied Unit Carpet Cleaning
STAMM Investments Limited offers all its long-term residents who have lived with us for 3 or more years free occupied unit carpet cleaning. Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.

2. Pay No Rent Increase
FOR NEW TENANTS: Looking to save some money? We offer tenants that are currently on a lease the option to forego their upcoming rent increase. Simply sign up for a new 1 year lease and once it's been signed, we'll cancel your upcoming rent increase. Easy as that.

FOR CURRENT TENANTS: We understand that many long-term tenants are on a fixed income. With that in mind, we have a 2 year lease option that will allow you to miss a rent increase every other year.

Please note that residents may only qualify for this promotion every other year. If you've avoided a rent increase in the last year, you may not qualify for this offer. You'll be notified, in writing, if this is the case.

Underground parking provides additional security and protection from most elements. We offer free underground parking, when available, to tenants that sign a one or two year lease for this offer. See your Property Office for more!

4. Unit Upgrade Program
At STAMM, we provide our long-term tenants with the opportunity for a variety of different unit upgrade options.

If you have lived with us for more than three years, you may qualify for a product replacement upgrade to the unit.

• Carpet or other flooring
• Kitchen and/or bathroom cabinetry (Ridgeway/Somerset and Estates only)
• Appliance replacement
• Window blinds replacement
• Other requests, submitted in writing, may also be considered

* Note: Product must be at or near the end of its useful life expectancy.

If you're not currently on a lease, you can sign a new 1 or 2 year lease and have unlimited access to the onsite fitness facility at your building for the duration of the lease.

Watch the short video below for more info. Rental account must be in good standing in order to qualify for this promotion.