Welcome to STAMM Investments Limited

At STAMM Investments Limited, we offer:

• Clean properties
• Superior maintenance programs
• Events, seasonal draws, quarterly newsletters
• Friendly and knowledgeable staff
• Extended onsite office hours (Saturdays and evenings)
• Professional fire safety protocols
• 24 Hour Emergency Line
Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Conveniently located throughout Waterloo Region with superb access to all the amenities that the Region has to offer, our residential units give you excellent value and include upgrades expected in high quality apartments.

This area contains some "go to" information for tenants. New info will be added on a regular basis, so be sure to check back!


Quarterly newsletters are delivered to all residents. In addition, a copy of the newsletter is emailed to those residents who have opted in to our emailed communication.

If you've misplaced your copy or deleted the emails, you can also visit our newsletters page and review past newsletters sent to tenants. Be sure to go through the archives and read previous years' as well!

At STAMM Investments Limited, we have a parking policy that all residents and their visitors are required to abide by. The parking policy is in effect to ensure all residents have access to their approved and assigned parking space. For more information on our parking policy, click here.

Vehicles that are in violation of our parking policy are subject to being ticketed and/or towed, at the vehicle owner's expense, without further warning.

We believe in open feedback. Through the use of routine surveys, we are able to receive our residents' feedback and make changes based on it. It is through initiatives such as our Spring Survey that we can learn more about our residents and their individual and unique needs.

With an abundance of competitors throughout the region, we appreciate our long-term residents who find the benefit in living with us for an extended period of time. In keeping with this belief, we have implemented a unique and comprehensive upgrade program.

You can click here to learn about the various offers and intiatives for our long-term residents.

Communication has dramatically changed over the years. Where a door-to-door notice used to be a convenient and reliable method of communicating with tenants in apartments, email has revolutionized how we communicate.

We have implemented emailed common door-to-door notices to ensure those notices are received in a timely manner. To sign up for our email notifications, see your Property Office.

At STAMM Investments Limited, we offer an array of rent payment options to ensure that rent payments are as convenient as possible. We have several methods available to our residents including: debit in the property office, pre-authorized withdrawal, online banking, money order and certified cheque.

See your Property Office for more information!