In these unprecendented times, we believe in keeping residents informed, safe and responsible. It is up to all of us to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and together, we can make a difference.

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Waterloo Region's current COVID-19 restrictions are:


We are currently in COVID "red" status. At this level, Stamm will be suspending all non-essential services, including all:
To learn about Waterloo Regions rules and regulations under the current COVID-19 restrictions, click here.

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Update #19 - February 24 2021

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CoronaVirus (COVID19) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stamm doing to help residents with their rent payments??

We understand that some tenants may be facing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and are here to help. If you require additional time to make your rent payments, please contact us to discuss your options. Please send an email to

How will Stamm handle a tenant in the building who has a confirmed positive case of COVID-19?

The Federal and Provincial Governments require that anyone with symptoms, returning to Canada or who has a confirmed case remain in self-isolation. Should Stamm Investments Limited receive notification that a resident is in self-isolation with a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus, we will follow all instructions provided by the local Health Unit and/or Health Canada.

What is Stamm doing to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the building?

Stamm Investments Limited has taken numerous precautions to reduce risk within the building, including:
How can I reach Stamm at this time?

The office staff will remain available to assist you via the telephone during regular office hours. While the office door will remain closed to walk-in and/or non-emergency contact, we are available via telephone or email. Visit our contact us page for details.

What is Stamm doing to prevent the spread of COVID19?

As indicated in our communication to residents relating to the virus, we have redirected much of our efforts to the sanitation and disinfecting of the buildings. Our staff are working diligently to wipe down all “high traffic” and “high touch” areas including:
You will see staff throughout the building as we work toward maintaining clean buildingse. We remind all residents to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet when our staff and/or other residents are present.

What do I do if the people around me are noisy?

With many of our residents home for much of the day, noise levels you may be unaccustomed to are expected. It is important that residents understand the difference between what is considered “normal living noise” and “excessive noise”.Different people have different lifestyles and those lifestyles may be different than your own. A different lifestyle than your own is not wrong; it is just different.

We ask that residents be considerate of one another. If you are experiencing what you believe is excessive noise, please contact Bylaw (519-741-2330 in Kitchener or 519-747-8785 in Waterloo) for assistance and then submit your complaint in writing. Visit our forms page to submit an online complaint form.

What if the odours from another unit are bothering me?

With many of our residents home for much of the day, residents may experience an array of odours they may not be accustomed to. This includes cigarette and cannabis smoke, cooking odours and more.

Smoking, within reason, is permitted within the confines of the rental unit unless otherwise identified in writing. STAMM Investments Limited does not currently offer "no smoking" apartments. Smoking that interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of others within the rental building will be addressed and the tenant may be responsible to take measures to control the smoke from infiltrating the hallway and/or other units, should complaints occur.

When another resident smoking on their balcony is bothering you, we recommend you take steps to reduce the smoke entering your unit, including closing windows and doors for the duration that your neighbour is smoking.

What can residents do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the building?

We recommend following all health and safety guidelines released by the Provincial and Federal governments including: stay in their homes as much as possible, self-isolate for 14 days if you have recently travelled or have any symptoms of illness, wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer if you are not able to wash frequently, and use any other personal protective equipment you feel is necessary to protect yourself and your family.

Are common areas of the building closed?

Common areas in the building will be opened or closed in accordance with Provincial regulations.

If you are a resident who intends to access the common areas, you must first submit a waiver. You can read, complete and submit this waiver by clicking here

In an emergency, should I evacuate the building?

In the event of a fire, alarm or building evacuation, please follow normal evacuation procedures and leave the building. We understand that Covid-19 has people concerned about their safety but evacuating the building in the event of an emergency can help save lives.

Please practice physical distancing when evacuating whenever possible or practical but do not interfere with the safe evacuation of a building.

If You Witness Smoke or Fire:
Upon Hearing the Fire Alarm: Evacuating the Building: Fire Safety Considerations: