Moving Out

You’ve made a decision to leave us, and we are sad to see you go. Please look at the following tips to ensure that your vacate is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

I want to give notice
A notice to terminate a tenancy for a fixed term shall be given at least 60 days before the expiration date specified in the tenancy agreement, to be effective on that expiration date. All vacate notices must be for the end of a month. For example if you give notice on Aug 16, your notice to vacate is for Oct 31 – not Oct 16, or Nov 1.

Vacate notices are not accepted if they are given verbally; nor will a written vacate notice be accepted for less than 60 days notice.

I really need to leave but can’t give 60 days notice
(a) If a tenant is on a fixed lease, the tenant has the option to assign or sublet the unit to another tenant. An assignment is for the remaining period of the lease, while a sublet is for a specific time frame in the lease (eg. 4 months) whereby the original tenant will be returning to the unit to finish the lease term.

Further information on Assignments and Sublets can be found in the RTA.

You’ve given proper notice & planning your move: Some things to keep in mind are:

• Knowing when you must vacate the unit;

• Damages and who is responsible;

• Booking your truck or movers;

• Booking a time and the elevator to move out;
• Leaving the unit clean and in good shape;
• Forwarding address & handing in keys;
• Changing your address with the post office

Do you know when you must vacate the unit?
Speak with your landlord soon after you give your notice to ensure that you know when the unit needs to be vacant.

Many buildings have moving hours such as not before 9 a.m. or not after 9 p.m. Do not assume that you can move out late in the evening or on the morning of the 1st of the next month.

Do you know what you are responsible for in the unit before you leave?
Have you painted the unit, put up wallpaper, or otherwise damaged the unit? If this applies you may be held responsible for these damages unless you fix them to the satisfaction of the landlord. Talk to your landlord as soon as the unit inspection is complete to ensure you know what you are responsible for.

Have you booked a truck or movers in advance?
This is one of the most often overlooked situation new tenants find themselves in – they waited too long to book a truck and now cannot get one for the date and time of their choice. Remember to book your truck early, don’t be disappointed and delayed.

Booking the elevator: Please ensure you book the elevator a minimum of 2 business days before your scheduled move.  Be prepared to accept a time frame other than the one that ideally meets your requirements, since other tenants may be moving out on the same day and there is only one elevator designated for move outs.

Moving day: It’s the big day, all the furniture is on the truck, and everything has gone smoothly. Please ensure that you have removed all personal items from the unit – this includes garbage. Leaving the unit clean and in good repair is necessary in order to avoid being charged for our staff to do this work.

Forwarding Address: Please ensure that you leave a forwarding address so important information can find you at your new home.

Handing in Keys: Handing in the keys is the final task to complete your vacate. Check with your landlord to see how they wish you to turn in your keys.