Parking Information

STAMM Investments Limited provides parking for our residents with registered vehicles. Parking is strictly enforced to ensure that residents are our first priority. Only registered vehicles with a valid STAMM Investments Limited parking sticker are eligible to park in the building parking lots. All parking requests require a copy of the primary driver's valid driver's licence showing current address attached. All parking requests are subject to availability. If the outdoor or underground parking lots are at full capacity at the time of the request, parking cannot be approved and you may be added to a waiting list. Other parking arrangements will need to be made until parking becomes available.


Only registered Tenants/Residents may obtain a parking sticker. All parking is subject to availability and approval. Residents who require parking must submit a Parking Request Form for their vehicle. Upon approval, the resident will be provided a parking sticker. The parking sticker must be adhered to the vehicle's windhsield (lower driver's side) at all times. Please note that the Outdoor Parking Permit sticker allows your vehicle to park on the premises but that this sticker does not guarantee a specific parking spot, in a specific area.


Vehicles that have more than one STAMM Investments Limited parking sticker displayed on their windshield will be asked to remove the "invalid" sticker. When a vehicle switches from underground to outdoor parking or vice versa, the new sticker replaces the old and the old sticker must be removed and disposed of.


A visitor is considered someone who is not a full-time resident of a unit and/or is not a registered occupant of a unit. Visitors are not eligible to receive a STAMM Investments Limited parking sticker. Visitors may park in spots marked Visitor Parking only. Parking in resident parking areas may result in the offending vehicle being ticketed and/or towed at the vehicle owner's expense. A visitor may park in Visitor Parking overnight a maximum of 3 times per week. Street parking is also available within the City of Kitchener or City of Waterloo Parking Regulations, as applicable.


Only one underground parking spot may be assigned per unit unless otherwise approved by the Administration Office in writing. Underground parking is available on a first-come-first-served basis, and is approved based on availability. Underground parking spaces will not be assigned for the purpose of storing a vehicle. Underground parking is 'fee for service' and different rates apply based upon spot(s) available.


Only personal motor vehicles are permitted to occupy a parking spot on the premises. Commercial vehicles, contractor vehicles, and vehicles with company logos and used for employment purposes are not permitted to be parked on the premises unless written permission is provided by the Landlord. Recreational vehicles (such as a boat or trailer) and/or stored vehicles are not permitted to occupy a parking spot. Bicycles may share a parking spot with a motor vehicle. A parking spot will not be provided for the sole purpose of parking/storing non-motorized vehicles.


All vehicles parked on the premises must have both a valid Ontario licence plate as well as a valid licence plate sticker. Out of province licence plates are only permitted with written permission from STAMM Investments Limited.


Storing vehicles on the property is strictly prohibited. Parking is provided to residents who use their vehicles on a regular basis only. Vehicles may be deemed inoperable or 'not in regular use' at the sole discretion of STAMM Investments Limited staff. Vehicles that are not properly plated, stored or inoperable are not permitted in any STAMM Investments Limited parking lot and will be ticketed and/or towed at the vehicle owner's expense.


Residents are not permitted to store personal belongings, including car products such as tires, oil, windshield fluid, rags, car seats, etc. in an underground parking space. Items that can remain in an underground parking spot include a small metal shopping cart to assist with the transportation of goods and/or neatly stored bicycles. Personal belongings stored in underground parking spaces may be removed and permanently disposed of without warning.


All outdoor parking is $25 per month. Additional parking is 'fee based' service and is based on availability of parking. Costs for parking vary based on designations as well as location. 


Thirty (30) days' written notice is required if you wish to cancel underground or outdoor parking. Parking cancellations submitted mid-month will be for the end of the following month. Parking fees are not prorated. Please be aware that should a parking spot be cancelled, there may be a waiting list for a new parking spot if, in the future, a resident wishes to switch again. In addition, prior to cancelling an underground parking spot, please check the availability of outdoor parking if you're switching to outdoor parking. If the outdoor parking lot does not have parking availability, you will be advised in writing and provided with the choice to maintain the underground parking spot or to remove the vehicle from the premises.


Vehicles that are in violation of the parking policy are subject to being ticketed and/or towed at the vehicle owner's expense without further warning.

STAMM Investments Limited will not make any concessions regarding assistance with canceling parking tickets and/or towing costs associated with the removal of a vehicle belonging to anyone including visitors.