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Snow Removal
Snow is removed from the lots and walkways up to 24 hours after a snow event. As a reminder, our contractors start with walkways and paths first and then the lots are done. If you arrive while the lots are being cleared, please park in an area the contractors have already finished. Read page 2 of our 2016 Newsletter for full details.

No Live Christmas Trees
It's just about that time again! The Christmas holidays (if you celebrate, of course) are almost upon us! Each year, we remind all residents that live Christmas trees are not permitted within the rental units of STAMM Investments Limited.

Please Do Not Approach Your Neighbours
At STAMM Investments, we have a formal process we follow with respect to complaints. It is paramount that residents not approach one another when they have a concern. This can include banging on the ceiling, stomping on the floor, or knocking on a neighbour's door. Click below to review our complaints process.

Smoking & Smoke Complaints
STAMM Investments Limited does not offer smoke-free properties. This means that all residents need to understand that occasional smells of cigratte smoke may occur. That said, excessive smoking may result in complaints and lead to an eviction. We've addressed smoking in our Frequently Asked Questions. Click below to review.

Reducing Hallway Noise
As a resident in a building with 10-12 units per floor, some noise in the hallways can be expected while residents move to and from their unit and the elevator or stairwells. We ask all residents to do their best to keep pets and children quiet in the hallways. Have a complaint? Check out the video below.

Keep The Hallways Clear of Items, Please!
Keeping personal items in the hallway, even welcome mats, can pose a tripping hazard in the event of a fire. We ask all residents to keep their personal belongings on the other side of their unit door in an effort to ensure the hallways are free of clutter. Keep in mind that those with poor vision may not see your welcome mat as obviously as you do. We don't want the hallways to look like hallway in the image below (Note: Not our building!)

Our Complaints Process
At STAMM Investments Limited, we take resident complaints seriously. Each valid written complaint that we receive is investigated thoroughly and the offending party is notified of the complaint. We also confirm with the complainant that the complaint has been addressed. You can learn more here.

Help Keep The Grounds Clean!
Here at STAMM Investments Limited, we are proud of our beautiful properties! In fact, in 2014 we were nominated (and won!) a Kitchener In Bloom Award. We ask all residents to help keep our properties clean with these simple tips. Click below to learn more.

Please Don't Feed The Wildlife
Spring has sprung in Waterloo Region. The trees are flourishing and the wildlife has returned. With this in mind, we'd like to take this opportunity to remind all residents not to feed the wildlife.

Forgotten Laundry - What To Do
It's happened to most. You're in the middle of laundry when suddenly there are several stopped machines full of other people's clothing. Ever wondered what to do in these situations? Here's our policy on it.

Pets In Apartments
Pets in apartments. Whether we're for or against, pets living in apartments is a reality we all face. Thankfully, some measure can be put in place to ensure our furry friends aren't causing a nuisance to others. Click to view a recent memo that was sent to all residents about our pets.

Preventing Slips Trips and Falls in Winter
Winter is here and winter means icy walkways and roads. Take whatever precautions you can, including wearing proper footwear, to prevent winter slips, trips and falls.

Are You Prepared For A Power Outage?
Are you prepared for a power outage? Even high-rise apartments can lose power for long periods of time. It is up to you to ensure you have what you need to be prepared. Here are some tips from the Canadian Red Cross.

Can A Tenant Transfer Units?
Oftentimes, we receive requests for a resident or residents to transfer from one unit to another. We do allow transfers, but there is a process involved and the transfer must be requested. In order to begin the transfer process, you should get in touch with the property office at your building. Visit the "contact us" page to start.

STAMM Has Great Offers & Promotions!
Here at STAMM Investments Limited, we strive to offer superior customer service to our residents. We understand that time ages all things and that after some years, the features in units may need some sprucing up. With this in mind, we have implemented our upgrades and promotions program. Click the image below.

Air Circulation - It's Important!
Here at STAMM Investments Limited, we occasionally receive complaints with respect to condensation and/or mould. Did you know that both of these are caused by poor air circulation and improper ventilation? Follow some of the tips in this article, such as opening windows and running exhaust fands, to reduce the moisture in the air and prevent mould.

Digital Communication Is On The Way!
Have you opted in to our digital communication yet? If not, you've got time before you start missing emails from us.

In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our communication with residents, we will begin sending digital communication in the month of August. To opt in, print the form below and submit it to the Property Office at your location.

Summer Events - Things To Do
Waterloo Region is a busy place to be in the summer. It's part of why we love this region! New to the region or looking for some exciting events? The City of Kitchener's website is a great resource! Click the link below to see the Region's Summer Calendar of Events!

2017 Spring Survey Results!
Thank you to all residents who completed our 2017 Spring Survey and congratulations to the winners! Click the image below to review the results of this year's survey that asked residents for their opinions on the effectiveness of our office hours, the cleanliness of our buildings, our BBQs, and more. Here are some of the highlights.

STAMM's Commitment To Maintenance
At STAMM Investments Limited, we have full-time dedicated maintenance staff at each of our properties. We pride ourselves on our commitment to timely maintenance. In keeping with this belief, we have a superior maintenance work order request program, including an online maintenance request form.

Do You Know Who Your LandLord Really Is?
Did you know our property office staff aren't your Landlords? Similarly, neither are cleaning or our maintenance staff. As STAMM operates as an organization, not all of our staff have the authority to make decisions that bind our organization. All communication from your landlord will come to you in writing on our company letterhead. More FAQs by clicking the link below.

Average Rent In Ontario
Find out what the average rent for different apartments in Ontario is.

Maintenance & Repairs
Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs? It isn't necessarily a black and white answer. Check out the link below for more details from the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Ending Your Tenancy
When your lease ends and you become a month-to-month tenant, how much notice is required? If you said one month (30 days), you're wrong. 60 days' written notice to vacate is required, even for tenants no longer on a lease.

Entry Without Notice
In Ontario, it is legal for a landlord to enter an occupied unit without giving notice first. Of course, there are limitations and we always do what we can to inform you of our entry and give notice when possible. Click the image below to read the document by the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Late Rent Payment Process
Your rent is due on the first day of the month, each month. after your rent is 3-5 days late, our rent collection process begins. Our Frequently Asked Questions webpage outlines the details of our late rent collection efforts.

2018 Rent Increase Announced
The 2018 rent increase amount has been announced and is 1.8%. Want to skip the rent increase? You can submit an upgrade request here. For further information on Rent Increases, click the image below.

Harassing Your Landlord is Not Permitted
Did you know that it is against the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) to harass your Landlord? Our staff are workers, and workers are entitled to working in an environment that is safe, including being free of workplace harassment and violence. Click below to learn more.

Interest On Your Rent Deposit
Have you ever wondered why, on occasion, your January's rent amount is slightly different than the other months in the year? It's because under the RTA, a Landlord is required to pay a tenant interest owing on the Last Month's Rent Deposit. But, if your rent goes up, your landlord can add this interest to your deposit to make your deposit the same amount as your new rent. Click below!

Damages & Eviction
Did you know that you can be evicted for damaging the rental unit? Causing wilful or negligent damage to the rental unit could lead to eviction by means of an N5 Form and an L2 Application with the Landlord and Tenant Board. Click below to find out more.

The LTB's Stance On Maintenance
Did you know not all maintenance is a Landlord's responsibility? Also, some maintenance or repairs required as a result of tenant damage may be charged to the legal tenant of the unit. The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) has a document that explains. Click below (opens in new tab).

Ending Your Tenancy
60 days' written notice is required when you plan to move out. Your vacate date will always be the last day of the month. As a result, you cannot give notice on March 8th to move out on May 9th. The Landlord & Tenant Board's FAQ explains.

Consequences of Paying Rent Persistently Late
Contrary to popular belief, a Landlord DOES have options when their tenants pay persistently late. See, when you receive an N4 that gives you two weeks to pay and you're constantly paying the rent late, this contributes negatively toward your rental history. Too much of this behaviour can lead to further consequences, including a formal board hearing. Click the image below to read about what your Landlord's options are.